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21 April 2016


Dear Friends of Carey Consulting and CareyLift™,


It is with great regret but also with much gratitude and appreciation that CAREY CONSULTING INC. announces we will be closing our doors at the end of this month. This will end nearly two decades of supplying the downstream Oil and Gas industry with one of the most innovative and truly revolutionary pieces of heavy lifting equipment used in refinery and gas plant maintenance, the patented CareyLift™ tube bundle lifting device, in use around the world. The company has been for sale, but a qualified buyer was not forthcoming, thus our decision.


Developed and patented by H.B. Carey (who passed away in 2014), the CareyLift™ has greatly enhanced the safety and efficiency of maintenance operations during refinery and gas plant shutdowns, and has a perfect record with no recorded accidents or injuries during its use on all five continents.


Carey Consulting Inc. would like to thank our customers for their loyalty and trust over these many years. Thanks to your patronage, today our products are in use in Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, Kuwait, Russia, Turkey, the U.K., and throughout the USA.


As we turn the final pages and close the book on our business enterprise, we also thank our suppliers and subcontractors for their years of outstanding quality and production of all our CareyLift™ models. Without our work with you, this would have been just a great idea and nothing more. As it stands, it has been much, much more, and we will be forever grateful for your hard work over the years.


God Bless,

Carey Consulting Inc.



Contact:  B.T. “Gil” Gilman

Email: gil@careylift.com / (323) 600-4984